The Purifying Fires of Suffering in Your Story

I am fortunate to be digging into a thorough study of the book of Revelation with some incredibly amazing women.

We’re examining the letters to the seven churches in Revelation 2 & 3 right now, and one of the commentaries I’m referencing is by John F. Walvoord.

Walvoord’s quote about the suffering church of Smyrna really got me thinking about the challenges I’ve gone through.

What about your own sufferings? What about your own choices, words, actions and deeds in your agony? What about the story being written about your next steps?

We all have a story.
We all have sufferings. 
We all have an opportunity to have our story be used for a greater purpose.

In time and when you are ready, be encouraged to let your story burn brilliantly like a lamp on a stand.

Someone out there needs to see the Light.


3 thoughts on “The Purifying Fires of Suffering in Your Story

  1. Dr. Walvord was president of Dallas Seminary when Joe and I married. Such a dear, godly man, who left this earth many years ago. I often think about Joe being in heaven – now in the presence of our Lord – along with many saints, such as Dr. Walvord, who were used by God to greatly impact our lives. So glad you are reading his material!

    Love you,


    1. In addition to a 34-week Revelation study with a group of ladies, I am participating in a DTS certificate course for Revelation. One of the recommended books for additional study is Walvoord’s commentary on Revelation. I purchased it, and also his commentaries on Daniel and Thessalonians to supplement my study.

      Yes, Joe is probably enjoying his time in Heaven! I am sure he has quite a list of souls to meet, greet and thank for his faith!


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