About me (Hope)

My name is Donna, but within these pages, I like to think of myself as “Hope.” That name sums up so much of what I’ve experienced in recent years.

I’m a woman who loves the fresh air of the outdoors, the sound of birds singing, the delight of lapping waves, the splendor of the mountains, and the power of volcanos. We all have a story, and a life-changing part of mine includes a childhood-to-adult fascination with volcanos and digging in the dirt.

I have another story to tell. My story is about Hope Surrendered. It’s a story of hurt and of brokenness, but it’s also a story about healing and hope. The hope comes from faith, and the faith comes from walking with the Lord.

Over time, I’ll share some more of that story and my journey with you, but in the meantime, walk through some of my posts to get to know what surrendered hope looks like in my life. I think you’ll see some of the ways I’ve surrendered my hopes in the todays, and I think you’ll also see a few ways in which you can journey with me into the tomorrows by surrendering your hope for the promise of finding something even better. It truly can happen when our hope is not just a wondering wish, but an expectant blessing!

I’m not always a “cup runneth over” kind of person. I like to look at everything before I make a decision, and I like looking at and considering the nitty-gritty details. Through my ups and downs, I’ve learned to recognize when my cup needs to be filled, He is the one who can do it, and I enjoy examining the details about how the filling of that cup might be fulfilled! I also know that no cup is truly ever filled without Him, and I trust Him enough to know He is working my experiences, my hurts, my joys, my heartaches and my peace into what He desires it to be in my life.

I am a person who understands the prospect of losing hope and finding it again through faith in the One who can provide it to us. If you are here, you are probably seeking some of the same hope that we all seek. Let’s do this together! Let’s surrender our hopes to the promise of finding something even better!


2 thoughts on “About me (Hope)

    1. Oh, we all have them… the longings, the hurts, and the pain of what is unfulfilled or not understood. But it is faith and an expectant hope that bridges gaps and helps to cure the brokenness. That kind of faith is available to all of us!


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