Will You Give Christmas Away This Year?

Christmas Tree Cross.COMPRESSED

Will you give Christmas away this year?

Immanuel — “God with us” —  is not meant just to keep Him with us and in us. Yes, He came to dwell with us and among us, and His Spirit still does dwell within us. But the “with us” and the “in us” is not just for us.

He was meant to be shared.

In this wonderful season — this glorious time of the year — we have the choice in whether or not to share Him with others.

…not in a package, or a gift bag, or a present wrapped in a bow, but in the care, prayer and hope found in Immanuel.

…not in the tinsel, the wreaths, the stockings or the lights, but in the living ornaments of peace, strength, joy and hope we string through His purpose for us. These ornaments are the ones we keep out all year-long, not the ones we pack away and put into a box until next year. These are the real gifts that, when received, are perfectly acceptable and highly encouraged to re-gift to others.

Give Christmas away this year.