The Thrill Escapes Me

Water.Kayak. - Copy

Paddleboarding lessons. I saw the blip in the corner of my computer screen as the email notification popped up. It was an offer from one of those daily-special sites. With a quick smile, a wrinkle of the nose and a slightly confused state, I thought, “Why?”

I have a lake nearby. There’s also a river that’s not too far away. Paddleboarding. Hmmmm…

The thrill escapes me. It just completely escapes me.

I love being on the water. Motorboat, canoe, pontoon, kayak. I might like to try windsurfing someday. Parasailing is a huge thrill (except when you actually can see the sharks in the water below or when the boat driver dips and drags you due to his inexperience). A glass-bottomed kayak in tropical waters is amazing, but paddleboarding?

I love the idea of skimming across the water, and I even love the idea of getting a great upper-body workout while I’m doing it, but I can do that in a kayak. Why do I need to, or even want to, stand up for any period of time and attempt to maintain balance while doing a similar motion? Why would I want to try to get back topside on the board after falling in the water (repeatedly, I am sure) when I have the trustworthiness of a kayak?

No, I’ve never tried paddleboarding, but I am sure I will one day. I have a feeling I’ll prefer my kayak.


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