Monday’s Musings — Reflections

Two facesI’ve been spending a lot of time looking back at my life lately. Writing has the effect of causing one to reflect. In the process of looking back, I’ve also spent some quality time looking forward.

Many of my reflections — both back and forward — have put a smile on my face. The blessings I’ve been fortunate enough to experience and the hopes of what may be to come give me a sense of happiness.

Then, there’s the other side. The agonizing pain, the should-have-never-happened regrets, the scars in my soul that may never heal (on this side of Heaven), the darkness and uncertainty of what may be ahead…these reflections give me a sense of gloom.

You have the same reflections, don’t you? …reflections back and reflections forward which create feelings of happiness and feelings of sadness?

When I look back at my life, I want to be able to say, “Wow! I am SO glad that I ________________.”

I want to fill in that blank with activities, experiences, opportunities and people who made me laugh, made me feel accomplished, allowed me to grow, opened up my horizons, challenged me in a way that I’d never be the same, fulfilled me with a sense of passion and love, and put me on a path of deep satisfaction and joy.

I don’t want to be the kind of person who looks back at my life and says, “Wow. I really wish that I would have ________________.” I don’t want to focus upon what I’ve lost, what I’ve missed, what I’ve given up, the sadness and heartache, and the road never taken.

The bottom line is:  We’ll all be able to fill in the blanks for both statements. That’s life.

I want my bottom line to be a go-to instinct to jump at the first one.

I want my nature to be nurtured by the blessings I’ve experienced, not the regrets of my life.

I want to BE the kind of person who smiles, not the kind of person who shows indifference.

Not only all of that, but I want to be the kind of person who smiles and shines in such a way that when others look, they see one whose heart beats with joy…and they know from Whom that joy comes.


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