There Are No Leftovers in “thanks-giving”


The leftovers have been put away. The dishes have all been done. Thoughts are turning away from giving thanks and toward shopping, sales, decorating, holiday parties, the next family gathering and the birth of a babe.

Many of us ventured out to shop and spend today; the holiday music was blaring at every turn, and the colors of orange, brown, yellow and sienna overwhelmingly made way for the red, green, silver, gold and white.

A few days ago, I wrote a post on my Facebook page about how America was looking forward to putting a capital “T” on Thanksgiving and celebrating with family, food and fellowship. In that same post, I reflected upon living a 365-life full of “t,” where the joys of our blessings are felt and radiated outward no matter what the day or circumstances.

The season of thanksgiving is still upon us, or, at least, it should be.

When we live a life full of thanks-giving for our blessings, we have a peace, hope, joy and abundance which permeates our relationships, our careers, our fellowship and our walk. Being filled with thanks-giving is not something that comes from what happens to us from the outside-in, but it is something that fills us from the inside-out and spills over into every aspect of our lives.

Today, as we find ourselves mentally, physically, monetarily and spiritually getting ready for the next holiday, let’s make our thanks-giving the primary focus of our preparations and the days to come. The gifts we both offer and receive from that joy will be multiplied!



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