The Day I Stopped Asking God For “Clarity”

I am “re-blogging” this post and sharing another person’s writing today, because it is EXACTLY the mindset I’ve been striving for in 2014. My Year of Trust  verse is Romans 15:13.

Learning to TRUST in His promises, in His Word and in Him provides us with a sense of clarity which is far more valuable than just seeing where one needs to go on their journey through life.

I hope you enjoy this one by a fellow writer. Click on the link below to see her original post.


Mandy Black

I held my tongue as I listened. It seemed like ages that I waited and then…. nothing came. I stared longer over the cliff, and down at the ocean waves, across the deep, dark, ever-stretching expanse of water. An expanse that has always intrigued me since the first day I dipped my toes into it….Since the first time I walked beside it under the moonlight listening to the waves and thinking about the God who made them.

But here I am 10 years later sitting above the same expanse wondering why the God who made it in all of its enormity couldn’t give me, His beloved daughter, the direction and answers that I feel like I need in one of the most pivotal seasons of my life. If He cares why doesn’t He give me clear direction and certainty? I continued to pray and alternate my words with silence, listening…

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2 thoughts on “The Day I Stopped Asking God For “Clarity”

  1. I love receiving this from you. I really needed to hear what you sent to me today. This is perfect for what I am going through. Thank you.
    Aunt Mitzi


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